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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Welcome to the Dunsmoor's Blog!


Holly said...

Melissa! Yay you have a blog!! Make Kendal get one, so we can all keep in touch. Hope your family is doing well.

Kendal and her 3 boys said...

NEED MORE PICTURES! I miss ya! When are you coming to Idaho? I love ya and wanted to thank you for being my lifetime friend. Hey, there is this place here that makes the best strawberry cheesecake. When you come, I will have to take you to this place called, "The Cheesecake Factory!" LOL

Michelle said...

Hi Melissa I found your blog! Now you just have to post something like a yummy recipe. I can't find your cousin's blog though. I thought you said

Kevin & Melissa said...

MIchelle, I know my blog needs so much help. Maybe you can tutor me in blogging or maybe I just need more time in the day. Maybe this weekend. By the way my cousins blog in theairdclan

Jamie H said...

Hey Melissa!!!! It's been WAY too long! It's so good to find you on here! I found you through Mark and Holly and Kendal! How have you been? Congratulations on graduating chef school.....that is seriously cool! I love this bloggin' thing......we can keep up with old friends! Great to see ya! Jamie Hutchings (Anderson)

Kata said...


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