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-Helen Keller

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

My Cute Kenz!

My sweet Mckenzee ran for Sophomore Body President for next year.

She made such cute fliers! She said she was going to win because of them! The picture below was one of her fliers and it had lettering on it that read: Don't you want a President that cares about the little things? Vote Mckenzee for Sophomore President!

Today was the vote and sadly she did not win. However, I am so incredibly proud of her and for her efforts. When she started at West she only knew a total of 4 people! I am so happy she is confident! I love the young women she is and is also becoming!

There's always next year! Love you, Kenz!

Baby's Feet

I just love little baby feet, especially when they are a little chunky! Tuesday night she kicked her sock off and it was sticking out of her blanket! It was so cute, I just had to take a picture! Her little parts are just so perfect...... smooth, soft, white. Speaking of feet.......... Her feet totally stink like feet. One day when I was getting her ready for bed, I took her socks off and her feet were a little sweaty. I love to kiss them and as I did I smelled them. HA! I mean that is what they are, but I figured a baby's feet should just smell like a baby. I know totally random!

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