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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Our Holiday Weekend

My Valentine's Day started early. On Friday, my wonderful hubby had flowers delivered to me. Pink and White Calalillies. I love having flowers delivered.

Then he comes home with a ShamWow box! I was so excited! I have been wanting it for a while. It actually works pretty good. I tried it out on my rug so I could make sure it soaked up all the way through like the infomercial claims. It totally did. Then he gave me a Snuggie! LOL! I as cracking up.

He really went to get one for Kenz since she has been wanting one really bad, but he said they were running a special and so I got one also. Believe it or not they keep you really warm. Mckenzee got hers on Valentine's morning. Out of everything that was definitely her favorite.

(Hiding Mckenzee's snuggie)

On Saturday Kevin and I went to St George for the Parade of Homes. We got free tickets. If we could we would totally have a get away house there. It's just so peaceful. That night we went to our ward Valentine's Party. It was like going to the old stake dances except we were all grown up.

Sunday Kevin worked so Mckenzee and I had a Snuggie Party! We watched a movie, popped popcorn and stayed warm all night. Mckenzee said I could stay warm while snuggling my baby. I thought that was pretty funny.

(Snuggling my baby while keeping my arms warm)
Monday I took Mckenzee to one of our friends house for some horse back riding. It started raining and it got pretty cold so we didn't stay there long. We had dinner with my parents at Hash House a GO GO. It was pretty good. I just can't believe ow big the portions are.

(My Dad's Chicken pasta dinner)

( Their pancakes are massive)


Nichole said... got a Snuggie!! :)

Eric and Becky Neal said...

Hey Melissa - sounds like a fun valentines day! Love the family pics! We miss Vegas and our friends there but we are loving life in Texas! Great to get an update on you and your family!

K.C. and Ipuna said...

I didn't even know what a snuggie was?
Fun valentine

K.C. and Ipuna said...

I didn't even know what a snuggie was?
Fun valentine

Mike and Kimmy said...

I love that Kevin spoiled both the girls of the house for Valentine's Day! That is so sweet! Sounds like you had an awesome weekend. I want a Snuggie!

Becky said...

The snuggies crack me up! But what a good man you have!

Michelle said...

I can't believe you got Snugglies! Glad you had a nice Valentine's Day.

Anonymous said...

What a great Valentine's day and holiday weekend! Are the snugglies really that warm?

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