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Monday, January 14, 2008

Need I say more.....

I had to post this after I read Michelle and Nichole's Blogs. Sorry girls.


Jodie said...


Chanel said...

that's goign a bit far. anyone???

Kevin & Melissa said...

Ok Chanel, I don't want Obama either. I am afraid that he will want to take "under god" out of everything based on his muslim beliefs.

Nichole said...

One of the many reasons that I vote Democrat!
Again...I am happy that we all have the freedom to stand up for who and what we believe in! What a great country we live in.
I am interested to see how Mitt does, I will be really surprised if he gets the nom.

Holly said...


I wanted Fred Thompson, but he dropped out. Bummer. Mitt is a good next choice for me, though.

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