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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Meet Bob

Bob is the newest member to our family. Well, he is taller than Mckenzee, so he might as well be. We call him Bob the Baker.
I have been searching for a baker man for so long, but not any one would do. And then I found it, I finally found the baker of my dreams. I have a Bistro theme for my kitchen so I thought a baker man would be the perfect thing to make it complete. I LOVE HIM! Now I just need a bigger kitchen. OHWAA HAA HAA. (that's my evil laugh)Don't you think he is the cutest?


Nichole said...

Where did you find Bob the giant baker man? I have never seen anything like it!

Kevin & Melissa said...

Napa Valley. Have you been there? It is an awesome store. Hey you need to re-invite me to your blog.

Michelle said...

I like your evil laugh! I'm sure Bob looks great in your house. I like the chalkboard too.

Brock, Aryann, & Hunter said...

He is quite the catch! Very cute and perfect for your kitchen decor. Love the evil laugh too!

Kata said...

Cute, fits the motif perfectly!

lorraine said...

Shouldn't his name be Pierre,or
Jean Louis or Gaston?????
He's cute anyway..
whats on the menu today??

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