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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

January-----It's over?

I can't believe January has come and gone. Where does time go? Remember when you were a kid, how slow the months were? Then we grow up, right? These are some things we have been up too.

Kevin has ...........

*been working a lot!
*has been wined and dined by doctors who want the smartest guy working with them.
*played John the Baptist in a church play. (Was not to thrilled about that but was a good sport)

*helped me bake.
*tells me, "You are addicted to blogging and you need to join a bloggers annonymous!"
*apparently broke his hand.
*brought me breakfast in bed, consisting of a can of Pringles and a cup of ice water. (I loved it.)
*answering more medical questions then he wants, even after he comes home.

*worked at the VA Hospital in Rheumatology.
*took me on a date to see The Producers at the Paris.
*been the best husband and dad two girls could have.

Mckenzee has..........

*been on a Hannah Montana craze and went to her concert.
*tried out for Honor Choir. (casting will be posted on the 13th of Feb)
*been attending activity days at church and loving it. They had hair and nail day for the activity in Jan.

*having her friends over to play. (This is the first neighborhood in Vegas to have friends in it.)
*finally wearing jeans!
*singing, singing, singing.
*looking forward to having a new baby cousin and the day she can babysit.
*wants to start a dog-walking business around the neighborhood.
*getting A's and B's on her report card.

Melissa has........

*been going crazy!(not really, but it feels like it sometimes)
*started working
*started the gym (only lasted two weeks, maybe I will do better next year or who knows I could start going again)
*finally finished my black and white picture project. (Kevin says it looks to cluttered, does it?)

*formed a liking for Hannah Montana.
*been yelling at my computer!
*asking everyone if they blog.

Well that was our January. I hope that I will have more time to post in Febuary.


Michelle said...

I was wondering how you guys were doing. If you are addicted to blogging you should post more!

I can't wait until McKenzee is old enough to babysit too.

Sorry I contribute to more medical questions for Kevin to answer but it's hard not to when he's like a walking medical dictionary.

I like your black picture collage. Did you ever see the family pictures we took at your house??

Kevin & Melissa said...

Seceretly I think Kevin likes answering medical questions, he's just way too smart.

I never saw the pictures, did you? I gave them pictures of Kenz so they could try and photo shop her in but I haven't heard anything since.

I am going to be way better this month with my blogging, then he will see addicted. :) We were just sick and then with work, it was a little crazy

Brock, Aryann, & Hunter said...

Sounds like you guys have been busy with some fun stuff! I really like the breakfast in bed combo- that's sweet.

I like Hannah Montana too...see seems grounded and a good role model for today's kids. I just got put in as Activity Day leader for 8-9 year olds, so I might use the hair and nail day:).

I like the black and white combo it looks good. One day I will get to do that to our cute house!

Now..for the gym, we are only in the 2nd month and you are giving up already??lol. Where are you working??

I'm addicted to checking other people's blogs...not so much as posting on ours.

Ipuna said...

Just peaking in. I love pictures, so I can't tell you if it is cluttered or not. It's nice reading updates!

Nichole said...

Hopefully the blogging addiction will die down. Billy HATES that I blog, which is why my blog is private.
Sorry, I think I contribute to some of the medical questions too. We appreciate his help though!

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