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Friday, March 14, 2008

I was Tagged

Thanks a lot Aryann. I am never good at these things but I am going to give it a try. This is a tag that is all about me.

Turning Back The Time.....10 years ago: Let's see............ I was a Senior at Cimmaron. I graduated in 98. I can't believe that was 10 years ago. OK moving on......... I was a mother to a beautiful baby girl and I knew everything........Boy was I wrong! I had a great family that supported me through a lot of rough times and for that I am truly grateful.

Senior picture

5 Things On My To Do List Today: 1. Wow do I really need to clean my house. 2. Kevin and I are taking my dad to dinner for all you can eat crab legs at the Green Valley Ranch. 3. Go To Work. 4. Laundry 5. Go through the mail.

Snacks that I enjoy: I love Hummus and Nann Bread. I enjoy eating yogurt, no matter what time of day, and if I don't have yogurt I will have a bowl of cereal. A bagel with butter and cream cheese. Chocolate with caramel filling. Bananas with Reddi Whip.

What Would I Do If I Were Suddenly A Billionaire: A billion is a ton of money. I think I would 1st invest a couple million so I could make more on that billion but before that I would most likely pay my tithes. Then I would pay off all of my family's mortgages. I would pay off all my debt and build our dream home. I would buy Kevin that Dream car, BMW 760 loaded, because he works so dang hard and deserves it! I would find a charity that helps underprivileged children and donate tons to them. I am sure there is more I would do like have many girls days with shopping sprees and pedies, but I will stop here.

3 Bad Habits: 1. I bite my nails when I am nervous, mad, sad, bored, etc.. 2. I Procrastinate but I am getting better. 3. When I am stressed and under pressure I don't clean anything.

5 Places I have Lived: 1. Vegas Baby 2. Grove City, OH or as my friend Jenny would say, Grovetucky 3. North Las Vegas

I didn't quit make it to five but I have moved around Vegas quit a bit. Since I have been married I have had 4 addresses.

5 Jobs I have had: My very 1st job was at Payless Pharmacy. 2. I worked as a runner for the law firm my mom works at.......... at that time it was called Dixon, Truman, and Truman. 3. RH Donnelley (the Sprint Yellow Pages) this was one of my very favorites. 4. Dr. Douglas Prince's office, if you are looking for a GREAT DENTIST he is your man. 5. Ice Dessert Boutique, Chef Patrice makes the best Ice cream ever. He is now selling at Whole Foods and Wild Oats in Summerlin. You have got to try it!

Things People Don't Know About Me: I hardly ever put my shoes away. Sometimes I will have 3 pairs of shoes down stairs or more. No matter how many times my dad threw my shoes away when I was younger or hide them from me, I still don't put them away. You think I would have learned. I can not stand the sound of people smacking their lips and chopping food, it drives me up the wall. Really there is a lot of noises that drive me crazy but that is for sure No. 1. I am very negative about my appearance, I will always find something wrong! I hate Musicals or Theater. I giggle when I am nervous. I am kind of paranoid.......... I tend to contemplate what I would do if someone broke in all the time, where will I hide, what will I beat them with, if they cause harm to me what will I do, etc. Reality is I will probably be to scared to move. I love watching Rob and Big and just recently Snoop Dogg's Fatherhood...........Weird, I know. I love being by family but I really miss Ohio! I absolutely love being a mom and I loved being pregnant and would love to be again!

I tag .................................. Candice, Kimmy and whoever else may want to share a little part of them.


Stacey said...

I love that I knew you back in the day and you married one of my favorite friends in high school You look wonderful. Please tell Kevin hello and it is so good to see how great his life seems to be. You guys are aweome.

Brock, Aryann, & Hunter said...

Thanks for playing along. It's kind of fun to learn new tricks about people.

todd & laura bliss said...

Hey Melissa! Love your blog!!! Glad you found me...

Michelle said...

So were you scared when you came to protect me after our possible break in? I was especially when Spencer banged on the glass.

I'll have to watch Robb and Big. The Hills is the only TV show I watch.

Nichole said...

I love reading these and learning more about people!
You have an alarm in that house, right? That should make you feel safer.

Kevin & Melissa said...

Michelle- I was not scared with you that night however I almost craped my pants when Spencer scared us!

Nichole- There is an alarm but it isn't set up and I don't even know how it works! Dang! I feel pretty safe here though

Kendal and her 3 boys said...

This is so cute. I laughed so hard at the sight of you beating the crap out of someone in your home. I can see our lip quivering with being so enraged as you stand over the burglar laying lifeless saying, "You messed with the wrong momma!"

Kevin & Melissa said...

Kendal- That is totally something I would say! I might add sucka at the end though

Becky said...

I loved reading this! It's fun to learn new things about people

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