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Friday, March 14, 2008

Sing When The Spirit Says Sing!

Mckenzee had her 1st Honor Choir Performance at school last week. It was really cute. Her Music teacher is cute and looks like she is a lot of fun. She had a great aura. Anyhow, they sang two songs, but I liked the one called "Sing When The Spirit Says Sing". I guess it was written by MLK. It reminded me of listening to a Gospel Choir. It was just a fun song.

Mckenzee and Kayla, a friend from her class that also made it in to HC.


Michelle said...

That sounds like a church song to me too. Did you want to cry when she was singing? I love watching stuff like that. Let me know next time she performs.

Holly said...

aww, she's a cutie. I would be so proud!

Kendal and her 3 boys said...

Mckenzee is growing up so quick. I wish I would have been able to attend to hear you sing.

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