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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Where Does The Time Go?

I can't believe it has been over a month since I have posted. We have been a little busy. So this one might be long one. I have been on two field trips, one with Mckenzee's fifth grade class. We went to a 51's baseball game. It was fun to go and the weather was beautiful. The last time I went to a baseball game was when they were called The Stars. Another thing............when was the last time you were on a school bus? I don't know about you but I just didn't fit like I used too. And the worst part of the time was this little kid kept blowing it up! The smell almost knocked us all out and the poor bus driver, to see her face was priceless!

The next Field trip was two weeks later and that was to UNLV where Mckenzee performed with the Honor Choir. She did such a great job and I am very proud of her.

I won twice on the Radio................yes! I said Twice! I have had some great luck this month. Who wins on the radio? It for sure was not me until I got my new phone (the Verizon EnV). It's my new lucky charm and I am going to keep trying.........It's so fun! I won a Big Dogs $50 certificate and also $50 to Vetano's Italian and Seafood.

I made the biggest calendar ever and I absolutely love it. It fits all our family activities and I even have room to fit invites so I don't have to clutter the fridge. And it's to big to miss so there are no real excuses for missing or forgetting things. (I don't know if that is a good idea to tell you, I won't be able to use that as an excuse, huh?)

Kevin has been so busy between the office and many patients to working on the house in DragonRidge. He's pretty much out there every night until 6pm or so. I am so amazed by how talented this guy is. He's great at everything he does. I for sure lucked out in there. I am spoiled because he just knows how to do everything. These are the wood beams that he has built. Aren't they awesome?!

Mckenzee decided that she wanted to try and curl her own hair. She practiced a few times with the iron unplugged, then the next morning she tried it. She did a great job..............then it happened! Her arm touched the iron. I felt so bad :(. I don't think she is going to want to try that again anytime soon. I tried to tell her that it is hard with short hair and learning to curl hair is harder than it looks!

We were able to go to the temple with my uncle and his family. They were sealed there for time and all eternity on May 17th. Congratulations Dave and Shannon. We Love ya!

On Sunday May 25. My uncle Tyler received the preisthood. Congratulations Tyler on the accomplishments you have made. We are very proud of you!

Mother's Day was awesome! I am so blessed to have such a great daugther, who is so very thoughtful of her mother. The scary thing is that I didn't even hear her making me breakfast. She made me pancakes with blueberry syrup and I also got a hawaiin king roll and a bottle of O.J.. Also on my tray were 3 roses. Everything was so delicious! She gave me two cards because she just couldn't decided which one to give me. Then in a little gold envelope box was a precious brouche that she made from beads which formed a heart in pink and of course it was in my fav color. She is so sweet and I am so lucky to have her. I love ya Kenz. Kevin had to work that morning but also came home with a little Mother's Day suprise, a frozen yogurt TCBY Turtle Cake, YUMMY! I have the best husband ever, thoughtful and caring. Thanks Hunny, I love you!

I've saved that most exciting news for last............ I GOT TO QUIT WORKING! I can't tell you how happy and excited I am. My last day was the 29th of May! I can't wait to find things to do with some of this new found freedom! YES!


Michelle said...

I think the beams look really good in the pictures. I know Kevin worked hard on them.

Glad you had a good Mother's Day and that you got to go on some Field Trips with McKenzee. I still remember my Mom going on my Field Trips.

Nichole said...

I thought that you were going to say that you are pregnant. Maybe more time for that now that you are not working?
The beams really do look great. What is Kevin doing for work now? Still at Valley?
What station did you win on? I can't ever get through!

Kevin & Melissa said...

Nichole- I won on 94.1 with Jeff G. I wish I was saying I was prego but Kevin is just way to grumpy. Kevin has 20 days left then he will be at Valley and Centenial Hills and his office will be at IMS on Goldring

Brock, Aryann, & Hunter said...

Congrate Chef! I love the calander:)

Nichole said...

How nice that he will be at Centennial!

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