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Saturday, May 31, 2008

And you can call me Chef!

So I am proud to announce that I can now be known as chef. OK I guess it was technically official in December when I finished school and externship and received my diploma but today, 6 months later, I had my walk. It was so fun to see all my friends and to hear all the adventures and places people are working. We had a speaker, Eric Hilton, the former Vice Chairman Hilton Hotels Corporation. He is a cute old guy and had some great words of advice. He had a great sense of humor. He started out by saying all graduating students please stand up and look under your chairs. Some had a white envelope with a 1dollar bill inside. And his quote was, " Just goes to show that you have to get off your butt to make a dollar. How true is that! I think that is great advice and a great way of putting it into perspective. Afterwards we went to a reception at the school, where I showed my parents, grandmother and Mckenzee where I was for 12 months of my life, talked with chef and sampled food. Then we all went to BJ's Brewhouse for an awesome dinner. Thanks Dad! I am so grateful for the friendships I have made and the education I have received. I want to thank my family for their support especially my wonderful husband for believing in me and making it possible. Love ya!

( Some of my classmates with Chef Sorel)

( I graduated with honors, Magma Cum Laude, these are my honor pins)

(Executive Chef Lauer and Eric Hilton)

(My proud hubby)


Michelle said...

Congrats Melissa! That's great you graduated with honors too. I'm sure it's so nice to be done.

Nichole said...

Woo hoo! Congrats!
Doesn't walking make it all seem more real?
Now that you are done, where is life taking you next?

Kevin & Melissa said...

Nichole- I hope I will be having more kiddies next, but I don't think that is going to happen, so I might be doing some catering in the near future

Kierra said...

Mel, what's with walking six months after the fact? Are thre multiple classes in a year?

wow, amazing on those woodbeams Kevin. He is a lot like Andy, he can do almost anything too! He would have been a woodworker if it paid the bills! Isn't it nice having a mutitalented husband? LOL!

Becky said...

Congrats. If you need to practice any of your skills, My family would be happy to be your ginny pigs. About all they get from me are frozen dinners.

I'm with Kierra, those beams are awesome. It looks like a really cool house!

K.C. & Ipuna said...

Congradulations! Stinks it took so long to actually have the ceremony. Now we have to try your cooking!

Mike and Kimmy said...

Congrats! Hats off to the chef. I didn't even know you were going to school to do that. I would love to sample some of your fine cuisine! :) Love ya!

todd & laura bliss said...

Congrats! Good job recieving honors! Yep Chris and the kids are back in Zuni. Dorsun will work for Stewart&Sun. for another year then go there as well.
Talk to you later

Holly said...

Melissa, you are such an example to me! I want to accomplish a big goal like this for myself. Good for you!

Kata said...

Honors pins!! WOWO!!! you rock girl! How goes it these days? miss ya! We need to play!~

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