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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Mom, Please!

Jake, Mckenzee, Trevor, Shylee

I finally broke down and took Mckenzee to Chuck-E-Cheese today. It actually wasn't bad. It has been a while since I had been there. They changed the seating and I think it works better. We got there at 11 hoping to beat some of the madness. To my surprise there was hardly anyone there. If you think about going I would suggest the earlier the better because when we decided to leave it was getting a little busy. We had a great time. Alaina and her kids, plus Trevor he is Cheree's, met us there for pizza and games. The kids were so cute and everybody had a good time. It was good for these little cousins to spend some needed time together.


Michelle said...

I like the new floor plan too. Lots more seating and that my kids love the monster truck ride.

Holly said...

what a good mom taking the kids to chuckies. I agree, going earlier is better, but one time we were there at 10:30 or so and a bunch of construction workers came in. I'm not kidding. I guess they love the pizza?

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