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Monday, August 25, 2008

The First Day.................

It was the first day of Middle school, 6th grade. The first day of never going back to Elementary. The first day of starting a new school. The first day of starting a private school. The first day we were both nervous about going to school. So many firsts and I am proud to say, Mckenzee's fist day of 6th grade was a great one. Last night Mckenzee told me she wan't scared anymore. She was finally feeling good about starting her new school. She woke up so early this morning, I had to tell her to go back to sleep for just a little longer. When we left she started getting a little nervous, the closer we got to the school the more nervous she got.....It was killing her. Then my stomache started to hurt because I was starting to get nervous for her.
Once we got there and picked out her locker and got everything situated she was calming down. She even recognized a couple faces she new from elementary and church. At the start of the morning, when the bell rang, they gathered around the flag pole, said the pledge together, sang there school song, and opened with prayer. It was wonderful!

I love the school and I love that she had a good 1st day. I just can't get over the fact that my baby is in 6th grade, and she is only going to keep growing and it's going so fast. She only gets more fun by the day. I am so proud of her.


Michelle said...

Are those new glasses? She looks cute. I'm glad you picked that school. Jr. High can be rough. I'm sure McKenzee will do great though!

Nichole said...

Is she at the LDS school? 6th grade, wow!

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