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Friday, August 22, 2008

Things making me Smile Right Now.....

They started digging our pool! We can't wait for it to be done. We are hoping to at least be able to swim before the weather turns. Luckily Vegas has great weather thru October.

(Pretending to swim)

Fancy, Smancy, new front loaders. I love 'em. They are the new GE Profiles. I only have to fill it with soap every 6 months and the dryer dries super duper fast. Like 15 minutes for a huge load. And I only have to press start on the dryer because the washer tells it what it is washing and how it needs to be dried for me. It's awesome. Yes, Kevin spoils me!

Mckenzee is getting new glasses and he had her eyes dialated. She was making me laugh because she loved wearign those little flimsy, what were suppose to be sunglasses under her little wire glasses. She reminded me of those little old ladies with their Blue Blockers.

The lease was up on my Lincoln, so I had to turn it in. Yes this would normally be a very sad thing. I so loved that car. However, I am loving to carpool with Kevin in the mornings. I love that we are able to spend a little extra time together in the mornings. Plus we get to spend more time looking at cars and finding the one that is best for us. There are so many to choose from now.

Mckenzee got a spot at Cumorah Academy. We are really excited. Today we went to tour Mckenzee's school, meet the teachers, and the staff of the school.


Michelle said...

...Ok that answers my question from the next post.

We know how Kevin loves to look at cars!

The pool is getting done fast. It looks big.

todd & laura bliss said...

holy cow..the new washer and dryer look and seem amazing! Looks like i'll be dropping my laundry off at your house, since you will have so much time inbetween loads:)

Nichole said...

Economic stimulation, woo hoo!
My previous question was answered too.
You guys have earned all of the fun toys, congrats!

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