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Friday, October 24, 2008

My Friend Kendal

Today is one of my bestest friend' s birthday. many of you may know her as I have been friends with her for about 16 years or so. I don't have to many of those kind of friends. Kendal is 30 today. Yep she's old! I know she is going to hate this picture when she see it, but I thought it was a great picture to show what Kendal's personality is like. Somthings that remind me of her are: Funny, Laughing until we pee, mother, Colton, Brodie, barking spiders, stubborn, hard-headed, drops anything for a friend, strong, soccer, teacher, thoughtful, hide-n-seek in the dark, 14-60, deisel jetta, Steven, KITKATS in the apartment. HAHA, church dances, Country Music, trying bathing suits on at Walmart, keeping track of miles everytime you get gas. Slumber parties, tattle telling, ditching. I could go on. I am way lucky to have such a good friend to listen to me and always help me when I need it. You are always there for me to lean on. Kendal, thanks for being a great friend to me. Love ya and I hope you have a wonderful birthday, even if you are old!

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Kendal and her 3 boys said...

What can I say? You made me laugh, cry, and want to come down to Vegas just to beat you for this lovely picture. Thanks for making my day! You are truly an amazing friend. I have been blessed to have a friend like you. The best part about this is since we have been friends for so long, I have some interesting pictures of you too. AND your Birthday is on the 28th. Thanks for being so such a huge part of my live. I did think you missed something in the list of things that you think of when you think of me. You forgot MELISSA in the list!!!!!

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