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Thursday, October 23, 2008

We Have Water

Tuesday was the day that our pool was officially finished. The water was in, the pool had been brushed to remove the plaster dust, the pool guy came to clean and adjust it chemically. And it was Cold! We were just so excited to finally have water we just couldn't contain it. The water was 61* at 6:30, I had my feet in but that was as far as I was going. Kevin decided that the lake doesn't get any warmer than that and since he went wakeboarding in Feb he was just going to get in, clothes and all.....he just jumped in. So then there was Mckenzee, equally excited. She jumped in, school uniform and all, except when her little head popped out she yelled, "MOMMY"! It's cold, It's cold, It's cold. She jumped out and stripped down. Kevin at least enjoyed it for a good 15 minutes or so. Mckenzee just wanted to be able to go to school and tell her friends she went swimming in 61* water in her uniform. She thought that was cool. I know we are crazy, but we love it!

It's F-F-F-Freezing

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Michelle said...

How fun! Today the pool might actually feel good with all this warm weather.

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