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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

3 Years ago.............Today!

I can't believe Kevin and I have been married for 3 years. The time has just flown by. It feels like we are still newly married and I am so in love with this guy. I met Kevin in Dec 2003. It was a set up by our parents. His parents came with him to dinner and my mom sprung it on me last minute........I was cooking. We had a good time and we pretty much have been together ever since. Our parents have been friends since high school and our grandparents lived across the street from each other the whole time we were growing up. We even had some of the same friends around the neighborhood. I can't believe we never knew each other. I guess it just happens when it is suppose to and I am so thankful I was the one who got him! I am the LUCKIEST girl ever! Here is to a wonderful 3 years and I am looking forward to an eternity more. Happy Anniversary Kevin. I love you!



Wedding Day


Michelle said...

Happy Anniversary! I'm glad Kevin married you. You two make a great couple.

Nichole said...

Happy Anniversary!
I had no idea that your families already knew each other.
Any special plans?

Aryann said...

Seems like yesterday! Happy Anniversary! Time sure does fly by.

Jim said...

Woah 3 years!!! Congratulations!!!

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