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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Kevin's the Big 3-0!

Today Kevin turned 30. Kevin is such an awesome person. I thought he deserved a birthday spot. He is so shy and doesn't like attention drawn to him. He is the type of person that always thinks of other people, how the might react, how is something going to effect them, etc.
He is strong in his beliefs . He studies all the time and is the BEST doctor I know.
He is a great dad and is always there to help with projects or just to talk to.

He doesn't like animals and we probably won't ever talk him into getting one. He WILL NOT eat anything white, well we narrowed that down to pretty much white sauces, and he can't have to many textures. Pretty much everything has to be plain! He thinks he is pretty funny and loves to joke around. He is one of the hardest workers I know. Kevin is a very talented carpenter, any piece of wood he touches turns in to a beautiful masterpiece!
He is an Eagle Scout. He loves cars and knows all about them. He can fix anything. If we need something built, or fixed, or adding something new. He just does it.

Kevin is a Scorpio and I think the definition defines him pretty well.
Scorpio: The best quality of Scorpio is resourcefulness. The worst quality is the ability to cause trouble. A key phrase is “I desire.” Intensity is the principal personality trait of Scorpio. Whatever career or vocational interests you pursue, you do it with tremendous force. The strength of desire is seen in every serious effort a Scorpio makes. You are proud, and can become the nemesis of anyone who insults you.

The Scorpio mental process is meditative. You can take a set of data and ponder it, penetrating the surface evidence to find the deeper meaning. You can cope with difficult and disagreeable tasks because you understand that such tasks will eventually be completed and you will return to the center of your life’s current none the worse for the effort, and perhaps stronger for the experience of surviving under pressure.

Secretive and intense, Scorpio’s temperament is sometimes difficult to tolerate. These very qualities, however, are part of the magnetism that draws people to you. The intensity can be expressed through healing or destructive energy, and only the Scorpio can determine which way you will go. Probably no sign indicates a stronger will. Personal experience teaches the Scorpio how to direct that will.

Scorpios often are rather reserved. You are unyielding to the sorts of pressure that work well with other signs, and often do well in careers where independent action is encouraged. Your ability to focus on a single task and put all your energy into it is often seem as skillful. You are often respected for your determination, but perhaps not loved, as you are not manipulators of gentle energies.

No one can exert the pressure that Scorpio can. You make devoted friends who will tell the truth boldly. When you lie, the lies are equally bold, and it may not be possible to tell the difference. The trained Scorpio mind seldom has to resort to a lie, as the truth is seen as a much stronger weapon. Desire lies at the root of all Scorpio action

Kevin, I love you so much and hope you have a wonderful birthday!


Tammy said...

My son-in-law ROCKS!

Michelle said...

Is your Mom blogging? Hi Tammy! Happy Birthday Kevin! Hope you enjoy that astronaut food.

Aryann said...

Happy Birthday Kevin! The big that's exciting.

Marianne said...

Cute, how long have you guys been married, do you have any kids. Mckenzie (did I spell that right) got big. I remember babysitting her when she was a toddler. That blows me away. Say hi to your parents, especially your mom, for me.

Mike and Kimmy said...

Hey, that's Tiffy's b-day too! Happy birthday Kevin! All the treats for Mckenzee's party look so adorable! You are so creative!

Laurie Mitton said...

Happy Birthday Kevin!! I turned 30 this yr, glad to know our neighbor's aren't younger than us... Just kidding... Hey Michelle I tried to check out your blog but your private. Laurie

Nichole said...

Happy b-day Kevin!
I can see a resemblance to Avry in the black and white picture towards the top, they have the same smile/cheeks.
What is it with that generation of Dunsmoor's and animals?!

apron girls said...

how sweet of you to do this post for him. love the pictures too.

Melissa Dunsmoor said...

Nichole- It's their mother who started that whole animal thing. It really bugs me, but what do ya do?!

Nichole said...

I wouldn't suggest bringing an animal anywhere near Spencer, bad things happen. I have a feeling Kevin is kinder though...

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