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-Helen Keller

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Happy Birthday Brandon

Today my little brother turned 27. I am such a lucky sister to have such a great brother. He is like a big teddy bear, he gives great hugs when I need them, he is very protective, he is hilarious and is always making me laugh, he is always there for me if I need help, and he is a very hard worker. I am glad Mckenzee could have such a great uncle.

When we were growing up we would fist fight like no other, he would threaten to stab me with forks, and he was quite the pyro, but at the end of the day I was happy to have him. He was the brother that when I was scared he would come sleep on my floor. I love him! I was always jealous of girls who had sisters, but I wouldn't change having my brother for anything. Those girls should be jealous of the brother I have. Brandon, you are the best and I appreciate you so much.
I love you and I hope you had fun today.

1 comment:

Kayz said...

Ah, that's SO cute!! (esp. the sleeping on the floor thing)

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