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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Fool's!

If I had to say it, April Fool's is Mckenzee's third favorite celebrated day. She loves to play jokes especially on me. I think it's funny what people think up.

On the 1st I received an email around 12 noon. The subject line said "Something has happened to your daugther." When I opened it, it was a scanned copy of this letter. It reads:

Hi this is Bobb speaking if you are reading this ha ha ha because I will be stealing your child after 3:00pm at school so you better make sure you have at least 2,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 dollars to get her back Mwowahahahahaha better call her after school wait you can't cause she doesn't have a phone. Bobb

So I text her saying:
Don't leave your teacher's classroom or go straight to the office and find Mr. Fisher. I am coming to get you. I am trying to hurry! I just got a ransom note from some Bob guy. I might be late because I am trying to get money from my bank. Please just go to the office or stay with Mrs. Roper. PLEASE! I love you! I thought I was getting her back but she didn't even get the text. When she called me later that day I had to tell her all that.

She was trying to give me a heart attack, I think.


Marianne said...

Yeah I'd be dying.

lbliss said...

Hey! so i guess i didn't add you..sooo sorry! but you've stayed on my blog:) So whats your e-mail again????
Talk to you soon!

Melissa Dunsmoor said...

It was fun seeing you today. =)

K.C. and Ipuna said...

Not a good joke! :)
I have the Canon EOS XSI Rebel camera. Very user friendly. I love it. It was my present to myself for putting KC through Dental School :)

Marianne said...

Actually that is the first time I had been to Floyd Lamb in at least a while so I bet there is more places to take pics if I had time to just go there and look around. Places where I took the pics were the obvious places, sometimes the not so obvious places are the most fun to take pics at (if you go to my website and then to the family section I took pictures of my cousin's family on what I think is the UGLIEST beach in Hawaii and some of the pics were by the UGLIEST things on that beach and I got cute pics)

Kayz said...

Ha ha ha ha ha! She is SUCHHHH a cutie! I think this whole thing is absolutely adorable (her letter, the email and your text)...too precious!

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