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Friday, February 10, 2012

My little Bean is 4 Months Already!

4months and Rebel Red Friday

They say Time flies when you're having fun! It couldn't be more true! I just can't believe that my baby girl is 4 months old today! It is just going by so fast. She is so sweet and she is a joy everyday, even if she doesn't let me sleep. She is so finicky... she has separation anxiety already, hates the dark, loves to eat.....every 3 hours, like clock work. If she doesn't like her outfit, she is not going to wear it! She will fuss and cry until it comes off! She loves to snuggle, play, and her most favorite thing to do is be outside or go on a bike ride!

Somethings she is doing right now

* Rolling over both ways
* Rubbing eyes when tired
*Yelling and screaming and she isn't mad or sad
* Drooling like crazy
* Giving kisses, we all love those
* Singing to her favorite CD

I know what you are thinking.........She has a CD, she is to young?! I know, but she really does. She is just an old soul. She is very particular about what she wants and likes. What can I say? If you know her Father, it would make sense.

Irelynd is such a Mama's girl and I LOVE it! Tho, I do wish that she would let other people enjoy her too! She does get excited when her Daddy comes home and she just adores Mckenzee. Kenz can always get her to smile!

We just can't get enough of her and are enjoying her everyday!

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