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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Where has the time gone?

2011 in a very quick, small nutshell!

Kevin: He always seems to be doing the same thing........WORKING! Poor guy! He works so hard and for such long hours. He always seems to find some time to spend with us, which we just love! He is still at his office and so busy! He was released as the Cub Scout Committee Chairman after serving in this position for over a year. He still enjoys wood-working and just finished a beautiful entertainment center for our friend's house!

Mckenzee: Started high school......yes I said high school! I can't even believe I have a daughter in high school! She turned 14, got braces, and became a big sister. It has been a big year for her, with lots of changes. One thing I love about her is how easy going she is and how she just adapts with changes! I am so lucky she is such a good girl. She is at a Technical and Career school, taking classes to help her to be a Veterinarian some day. She is also taking a few honors classes for the challenge! She finally gets to go to the church dances and loves it! She also went to Homecoming with some of her girl friends. Mckenzee is still taking horse back riding lessons and was in a horse show in Oct. She is really good and her instructor is very impressed by how quickly she has progressed. I just love this girl!

Melissa: I was pregnant for most of the year, and I loved it! I worked as the office manager at the dental office I have been working at for the past 11 years. I had my little Irelynd in Oct. I love being able to be home for my kids all the time now! It's been a big change and harder then expected, but I wouldn't change it! I love it and would do it again!

Irelynd: Was born in Oct! only 7 pounds and 18 1/2 inches long! She has a strong personality and lets you know she is here! She is so sweet and just fits right in! We couldn't imagine life without this beautiful little bundle!


lbliss said...

aww! I love that your blogging again! Thanks for the update!!!!

Michelle said...

Yay, you are back to blogging! That's such a cute picture of Irelynd as a newborn.

Next time McKenzee has a horse show, let us know. We would love to come.

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