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Friday, November 6, 2009

And so I finally updated the neglected blog!

I can't believe it has been so long since I posted anything about us. I was looking through all my pictures and realized I haven't posted anything since around Mother's Day. Oye Vay! I will try and make this short and sweet, hopefully!

Mother's Day was so great. Mckenzee is always very thoughtful and I always wake up to a fabulous breakfast and this year she did not disappoint. I think she will one day make a fabulous chef. I know that is not what she wants to be but at least I know she will be able to survive on her own and I will never have to worry about her taking care of a family.

Then my wonderful hubby made me a delicious dinner.... my favorite Steak! I was very spoiled!

In May I won a drawing at Mckenzee's school carnival. We won 4 tickets to see the Lion King. So on June 1st we went to see the Lion King at Mandalay Bay. Mckenzee brought her cute little friend Isabelle with us. Her mom was nice enough to let her come on a school night, which I am very thankful, Mckenzee loved having her with us. We had pizza for dinner and on the way home we stopped by McDonald's for an ice cream. The Lion King was so good. I hope I get to see it again sometime. Our seats were center stage, not quit front row, but not too far back from that.

Mckenzee ended the school year very well. She made A-B Honor Roll, and received 4 other awards. We were very proud of her and glad she is loving school.

Our pool turned green the minute it got hot outside. Since this is the first pool for both Kevin
and I we had no idea you had to shock it every week. I'm glad it was cleared up the next day. I of course got the duty of cleaning all the equipment, at least it wasn't hard to do. I'm glad we learned of that at the beginning of the summer. I will never do that again.

Finally.... my mom and I got the great idea that we would buy my brother and his wife some pictures for their new apartment. They didn't have any pictures of themselves to make "their home". So put somethings together and while my sister-n-law was out we went and decorated their family room wall. It took longer than we thought it was going to, but I think it turned out pretty good. She loved it and so did my brother! YAY!

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Michelle said...

Did you feel like you were on Trading Spaces? I know that show is old! :)

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