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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Our October

October just seamed to fly by this year. It's gong way to fast. I am just not ready for it to almost be Christmas. Here's a few things we did.....

Mckenzee was invited to a birthday party. They had to try and have the biggest, craziest hair and they were going to be judged. Mckenzee came in 2nd, but I think she was gipped! The girl that won just stuck a bottle in her hair. At least Mckenzee's, I thought, was original and creative.

My friend, Kendal, came into town to celebrate our birthdays. Her birthday is the 24, and mine is the 28. She flew in from Idaho on the 22 and got to stay until the 26. It was fun to see her and celebrate our birthdays. We celebrated like it was 1980! We had a birthday lunch on Monday, thanks to my wonderful mother.

Halloween is one of our favorite times of the year. We love decorating the house and watching Nightmare before Christmas. I just hate that it usually means the weather starts cooling down, the time change is around the corner and so is Christmas. At school, Mckenzee entered into the pumpkin carving contest! Mckenzee found the idea and we all worked together, for FHE, to make her pumpkin. She came in 2nd and again, we feel gipped. Oh well, she loved the way it turned out and it was fun making it. We made the whole class cookies and Halloween skewers and her teachers and staff got a cute little treat also.

(Mckenzee's Pumpkin)

(Gift for the teachers)

(Close up)


lbliss said...

hey i remember kendal...she looks the same:)

Aryann said...

I love mckenzee's hair...totally awesome & the pumpkin gifts are super cute. YOu are always so creative :)

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